UTI in Adult Male

UTI in Adult Male

What cause urinary tract infection (UTI) in adult males?

UTI is classifies as simple and complex. Since males are less likely to contract UTI, it is always called complex in males. The underlying reasons can be:

  1. Lack of hygiene.
  2. Unsafe sex.
  3. Underlying kidney stones
  4. Inability to pull back the skin of penis (Phimosis)
  5. Underlying diabetes
  6. Decreased resistant of body due to intake of steroids, lack of good sleep, skipping meals.
  7. Poor intake of water.
  8. Narrowing on urinary passage due to stricture of ureter of urethra.
  9. Bladder diverticulum causing residual urine in bladder after voiding.
  10. After the age of 50 years enlarged prostate.

How to prevent UTI?

  1. Drink plenty of water. Ensure that colour of urine at all times should be as clear as drinking water. If urine has yellowish tinge, drink two glasses of water more.
  2. Don’t hold the urine for too long.
  3. Have safe and clean sexual habits. Clean the penis following sex.
  4.  Avoid constipation. Eat plenty of fruits and salads.
  5. Exercise daily (it helps to maintain good immunity) and have adequate sleep.
  6. Strict control of blood sugar in diabetics.
  7. Correction of underlying reason if any like urinary stones, enlarged prostate.

How to treat UTI?

In a patient suspected of having urine infection, urine is sent for testing. Once the bug causing infection is identified, antibiotics are given to eliminate the bug. Testing is also done to see what caused UTI and appropriate measures are undertaken to prevent its recurrence.

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