Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

What is premature ejaculation (PME)?

Premature ejaculation is when someone ejaculates before or soon after penetration, lasting usually less than a minute.

What causes PME?

God has created man stronger than women in physical aspects. But where it matters most (in the act of intercourse), man falls weaker. May be god’s way of creating equilibrium. Well, jokes apart PME is relatively common when a man starts having sex for the first time. As one starts having sex regularly, the endurance increases. Every man has a variable stamina for sex. Some people ejaculate too soon and some are able to hold on for a respectable amount of time. It’s actually in the make of an individual.

Is PME treatable?

Yes, it is. However it is more dependent on the person who is suffering rather than on doctor. There are medications available to increase sexual endurance.

How can I increase my sexual stamina?

For doing this you have to understand the physiology of orgasm. Orgasm is a reflex process. Body reflexes are events that one can’t control wilfully, for example sneezing, hiccough. But fortunately there are ways to regulate them. Imagine you have put a bowl of water on to gas stove. Now the heat from gas stove increases the temperature of water. Once the temperature reaches 100 degree Celsius, it starts boiling. So compare this analogy to having sex. Once you start having sex, the stimulation starts increasing. Once it reaches 100 units of stimulus orgasm occurs.

Try to understand the above graph. Subject a takes less time to orgasm than subject B. So, by changing the slope we can increase the time. Correct?

 So what can be done to stop the water from boiling too quickly? Decrease the strength of flame. So, to prevent PME there are certain steps to decrease the strength of stimulus and to change the slope. They are:

Physical manoeuvres:

            Decrease sensitivity of glans: This way the stimulation decrease. It can be done by applying some desensitising creams on glans or by wearing long last condoms during sex.

            Kegels exercises: Kindly see youtube videos on how to to kegel exercises. There are multiple ways to do them. During orgasm, there is episodic contraction of muscle called bulbospongiosus. Thats why semen comes out in short bursts. One has to increase the endurance of this muscle and decrease its sensitivity. Now imagine I tell you to run for 10 km. You won’t be able to able to do that  without practice. Similarly an impressive sexual performance requires some practice. Thats what kegels exercise is all about. In this we contract and relax bulbospongiosus muscle so that its endurance should increase.

            Run of 5 kms at least 4 times a week.

            During sex don’t contract pelvic muscles too hard. Just penis has to remain hard and rest of body should be relaxed.

            During sex, follow the technique of stop start. During sex if you feel you are going to ejaculate, stop stroking. Take a pause and start stroking again once you feels you can hold on. During pause you may withdraw the penis and engage in foreplay.

            If you feel that now you can’t stop the ejaculation from happening, withdraw the penis from the vagina and squeeze the cap of penis hard. Keep the pressure for a few seconds. Once you think that you are under control, after pause of a minute start again. With this technique, you would be able to stop ejaculation 50% of times.

Mental manoeuvres:

Diversion: That means during sex the body is engaged in sex, but the mind should be diverted away from it. So, think of something else during sex that is mentally engaging.

What are dietary precautions to improve sexual stamina?

What are dietary precautions to improve sexual stamina?

Diets for improving sexual stamina:

  1. Plenty of clean luke warm/ tap water. It should be more than 3 Liters per day. For subjective evaluation, observe the colour of urine. It should not be yellow. If it is yellow, drink 2 more glasses of water. Avoid consuming too cold water.
  2. Eat 4 walnuts every morning.
  3. Have a platter of salad and fruits daily. Add no salt to it. Most beneficial are carrot+beet roots. Can be consumed as a juice as well. Water melon juice with half squeezed lemon also helps.
  4. Have a glass of warm milk with half teaspoon Turmeric + 4 pinches of black pepper daily in night.  

Following these methods one may be able to last longer during sex

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