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Any ailment or deficiency an individual suffers from is a because of a biochemical imbalance in the body. The first step to treatment is correcting this imbalance in body. Follow following steps:

  1. First thing one has to counteract is the bad air that we breathe. I don’t mean one has to install air filters in home. We have to get rid of compounding factors over and above the normal level of pollution that we endure. So, stop smoking and do regular breathing exercise. Running/ jogging daily in a park with lots of trees go a long way in correcting the biochemical imbalance of body.
  2. Second is to maintain a good level of water intake. Take 3-4 glasses of warm water in morning helps to detoxify the body, maintain a good hydration status, ensures a good bowel evacuation. It is important to have a good bowel movement at this time of day. At same time ensure good hydration level throughout the day. Drink at least 4 liters of clean water in a day (not if you have kidney failure). Keep observing the colour of urine. It should be as clear as the water you drink. If at any point the colour of urine is yellow, drink 2 more glasses of water at that time. Idea is to ensure good hydration status throughout the day.
  3. Third important component is the food you eat. It should be clean, hygienic. Avoid added salt and sugar both irrespective of the fact that you may not have high blood pressure of diabetes. These things just add to the taste and don’t have health benefits. So preferably avoid them whenever you can. Add salads and raw vegetables to diet. They add 2 important components. Antioxidants and fibers. Antioxidants are most important component for detox and fibers ensure a good and regular bowel movement. At least one platter of this without added salt can be consumed as evening snack.
    • Try to follow this in day to day routine:
    • Get up early and start the day with 3-4 glasses of luke warm water. Consume 1-2 garlic with warm water. Consume 1-2 amla if possible.
    • Minimise intake of salt and sugar.
    • Have a platter of fruits and salad daily. Good things to consume are beet root, carrot, watermelon, oranges, apple.
    • Maintain good level of hydration and consume at least 3-4 liters of water in a day (for a person with normally functioning kidneys). Observe the colour of urine. It should always be as clear as drinking water. If it is yellow, go drink 2 more glasses of water.
    • Avoid consuming water for 90min after meals.
    • Take Luke warm water to drink, its healthier.
    • If you are non-diabetic, take some jaggery after meals.
    • Ensure to consume at least 1 fruit in a day.
  4. Fourth is regular physical exercise. If your body is in decent shape, byfar the best exercise one can do is running. If there is problem with legs, joints next best will be swimming. Brisk walking is also very healthy. Well it doesn’t just mean walking fast. One has to walk fast enough to cause pain in legs, despite the pain the pace should not come down. At end of 30min brisk walk one should be sweating irrespective of weather.
  5. Fifth and most important component is mental. Have you heard the term psychosomatic complaints? That means, actually there is no biochemical imbalance in body. However, due to stress or past trauma, the mind makes you perceive physical symptoms that actually are not there. Here the individual has to control the mind. Have you heard the term pseudo-pregnancy? If no, hear the story that follows carefully: In young girls when they go to hostel for the first time leaving the family, some of them get in relationships and get boyfriends. They start having sex with their partners and a fear of pregnancy creeps into their mind. They start believing they are pregnant. They start puking and miss their periods. The belly starts growing. This girl doesn’t share the ordeal with friend, family or teachers due to embarrassment till they reach nine months and go into frank labour. She reaches the doctors clinic and now tells the doctor that she is pregnant. Tests are conducted to confirm pregnancy. To her surprise it comes negative. Since she believed she is pregnant, the mind produces all the physical changes that happen in pregnancy.

If a belief can produced such pronounced physical changes, what happens if we direct this mental energy into producing beneficial physical changes or reverting the biochemical aberrations? Therefore, understand the reason for the medical problem you are having, its physiological basis,  take appropriate medications and at same time feel the problem fading away, imagine the problem reversing (practically visualise it in your mind) help the mind to heal the body.

Have you read the book called secret? The crux of the content of the book is this that whatever you think happens. It may be a positive or negative thought. If a person is constantly thinking “I might not fail in exam “the nature doesn’t, or for that matter the brain doesn’t understand “not”. Hence, there is a probability that one might suffer an accident. Even if you don’t want a thing to happen, you are thinking about a negative outcome only. The message is “think responsibly”. Avoid thinking about negative outcomes and think only positive.

The point the author is trying to make is harnessing the power of mind. An individual uses only 10 % of the power of mind. If we increase if by a few percentage and direct it positively towards process of healing, it can help.        

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